Best Possible Way to prevent leaking

So I was thinking to myself out of curiosity -what would be the best way to prevent leaking of lua files.
I was curious on how Clockwork utilises ‘serial keys’ and how it’d work in general so that the gamemode/addon is activated before it can be used and how one cannot simply just edit lua files and remove the checks.

Possibly to do with .dll’s? Any ideas and discussions are welcome


Sorry but what is that?

It’s not out yet, but if you want to make your own the module is the way to go

Regularly update your addon/gamemode and release a “lite/free” version yourself. > Would also provide customers with a way of testing before purchasing. (I would only provide support to purchasers though)

You can’t.

You can try, but every DRM scheme is cracked eventually, and any attempt that’s actually effective will hurt legitimate users in some way.

I operate under the assumption that people who use leaks probably weren’t going to or couldn’t buy my script if they wanted to in the first place, and stopping leakers isn’t going to do me much good.

Most leakers don’t know how to crack dll’s, so I’d go with one of those.

sv_password "noleakpls"

Clockwork actually doesn’t protect the “gamemode” or so to speak, it just takes “essential” parts of the code and encrypts them and decrypts them at runtime. Possibly find something to do that-- but keep in mind, .DLLs can be coded to grab this decrypted code (that has to be stored somewhere and executed).

Maybe do that and obfuscate any further code to make it unreadable?

Honestly, though, your best bet for protecting intellectual property though, would always be the legal system. You’d be surprised on how many “hardcore leakers!!!” pussy out when they get a DMCA notice.

This may be true, but people who can will always release how they did it?

they only get client and shared files.
No server files.

Good luck to them.

And for some servers i’ll say this.
steal at your own risk. :wink:

Besides, maybe they’ll learn something from reverse engineering the code?

BigServerMen should be worried…

Interesting suggestions, are there even any .dll’s out for this sort of thing

Despite what I said earlier, you should program one yourself. Not only will it delay leakers more (since it’s something they haven’t seen before), coming up with ways to stop people from cracking your code is one of the most fun programming challenges I can think of.

Stealing is dumb make the shit urself instead of ripping others’ off

This thread is about serverside leaking, stealing clientside code is not leaking

There’s no secret behind cracking things. They can look up a youtube video of how to do basic cracks. A lua script is usually straightforward if it isn’t obfuscated, but most people that leak things aren’t gonna fuck with some shit like assembly, because it’s infinitely more complex than whatever lua script someone can write. It’s not like other languages. It’s a list of CPU instructions. The disparity between assembly and lua is massive. It’ll eliminate almost every leaker.

Well it’d appear I need to practice my C# a bit more before developing any .dll

Well unless you’re planning to charge huge dolla for your code or you have a history of people stealing and claiming your stuff as their own I’d say obfuscate the code at best and that’s all. It’s all for a game so I don’t think it’s worth making .dlls and whatnot for a few scripts. People can crack game .exes and DRMs so in theory your best zero-leak startegy is to never go online and god forbid upload your stuff ;p

Yeah but most GMod script leakers can’t even “crack” ScriptEnforcer.