Best program for modeling/skining

I just want to ask what is the best program now i got 3d autodesk max i know milkshape to but evryone says that is poor program

3Ds Max is indeed a great program for modelling, if you know how to use it of course.

Skinning however is completely different. I would recommend Photoshop for that, but if you can’t afford it, get GIMP. Its Photoshop’s retarded cousin but it does the job.

This question has been asked and discussed 1001 times. Different answers by different people. But mostly , pick the one that suites you best. There is really no best or worst.

Im asking like what the program is easy to use no much difficulities

You always start from zero so it doesn’t really matter which program you choose. I’d go with Blender.

Blender’s ui can be hard to get used to, and for simpler things 3ds max is actually easier, or at least for me.