Best recorder

Hey guys i would like to know some good program to record G-mod.
-Tried Fraps. SO SLOW LIKE A DEAD TURTLE, tried editing the fps caption and everithing but it lags like hell!
-Tried XFire. Some guy said XFire is a good recorder but it’s just laggy like Fraps
-Camstudio. Lags without playing Garry’s mod, i don’t want to try in-game…
-Source recorder. Fast, but laggy when recording, and when i record a demo it has so much limits like you can’t use cameras and stuff (Really?) and it fails at this moment

If they’re all lagging you have a shitty system.

Over-all Fraps would be the way to go.

XFire, um, I didn’t know you could record with it.
Camstudio? Never really used it.
Source Recorder is nice for generic game play such as that in Team Fortress 2.

But as NightmareXx said, if all of those lag you, your system must not be the greatest.