Best resource farming area?

Just curious where many of you consider the best area for resource farming is, and I don’t mean zombies or towns.

Behind (East) Civ. Coast, Rad-Town Valley, French Valley seem ok. How is North-East; Wastelane West, Ballzack Valley, Spain Valley, Portugal, Beach and Coast Valley?

Depends on population of server. I usually fund plenty at resource valley and rad-town valley, but my server is massively populated so there is nothing there for me, but on most servers with <20 people it is usually well stocked with ore, wood and food.

Yeah resource valley

You can google ‘hacker valley’ - that’s a little known spot east of the main area that has all resources.

My favorite spots are Resource hole and French valley. Always packed there

LOL - u know why its called hacker valley hey?

Well it’s surrounded by a squillion trees… hack…hack…hack… :slight_smile:

I’m going to run up North a little, see what I see. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hacker valley is best

thats my favorite place to go. They have a res spawn there that usually has something like 6 rocks within 10m radius all clustered together

Also, if you go to they have a map. The resource areas are marked in yellow. Go scout em out. And if one seems dry, come back. It could have just been cleared out

other player houses

I always feel so exposed in Hacker Valley, it’s not super heavy trafficked but when people are there all of them are aware of each other.


hacker valley is best but keep in mind Everything depends on how populated the area is, if you have full Control and farm on big civ its the best for getting ammo weapons at cheapest rate/depends on luckrate also ofc.

However resource nodes its hackers valley, then small rad Town in the valley there, third is around oilfield.

This is where it’s at. Independent farming is great to begin with, but sooner or later you get tired of muddy feet. So slip on some kevlar wellingtons and borrow what you need instead.