Best Rock Raid

such a bad player. But so much loot.

Why didn’t he just create a shotgun in there and come out all guns blazing. He is obviously not the best shot ever, but still, would rather go out with a bang :smiley:

Oh my god. That is the worst Rust player I have ever seen. To get owned in Kevlar with guns by a guy with a rock takes real talent. My only question is: Is there anyway out of that house?

Edit: LOL. I read the YouTube description. The guy really was THAT dumb. The only way out the house… The guy came back and opened the door. LOL. What an idiot.

lol poor guy probably had like 10fps

it seems like he was lagging

Lol yea he was pretty bad but the loot was amazing

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Maybe idk or maybe he might have been pretty bad