Best role play server ever?

Was there ever a role play server that had just the right amount of people? Not as many kids and was just serious enough? Exiled servers in my opinion is almost perfect. Unlike that nooby noobonic plague.

I fucking loved NCDRP before it closed. It was my second family. Everyone was nice, the admins were amazing. People ACTUALLY roleplayed there! I played ALL DAY during the weekends.
I eventually joined the staff. Too bad they won’t be coming back until march.

You know what? There has been literally thousands of threads on this exact question. It all boils down to opinions, as people like different RP servers. I personally dislike RP so I won’t put out my personal vote, as it would be biased but you should just try and join different RP servers until you find something you like. And a tip would be to stay as long as you can away drom DarkRP.

SLA. The owner [ Chrik ] Is a great coder. Too bad I can’t play in its servers anymore :frowning:

My advice? OpenAura is the worst roleplay, so don’t play there.

Once I was playing on Exiled servers and I went cop and as it puts on a random model,I was a black cop.

Now I patrol around in my car,Pretty normal all that stuff when I crash my car in the country-side-ish place.I decide to walk back to the city when a man in a car pulls up and says "LOOK IT’S A NIGGER"Now he gets out of his car with a baseball bat and starts to chase me.I fire some warning shots but he kept advancing forward swinging With his bat of doom.I just run when some of his friends pull up in their cars one of them stays in the car and the others come out with their baseball bats.

By now I’ve heard Nigger like 50 times.Eventually ,they caught up to me and killed me.

Good times.

OpenAura is actually a very good RP framework to use. The roleplay is only bad because when minges join, people say it’s because of OA, so less roleplayers join and less minges bother going onto a low player count server.

Openaura isn’t one server, you make it sound like it is.

As for roleplay, don’t characterize the servers by the gamemode, it’s all about playerbase and definitely about rules and immersion. It’s up to the admins/owners to give you a good show. Liveinfear fallout rp was great.

If VG was still alive and well today, that would be the best pick for a serious RP server. People RP’d there and it was actually fun until the community died.

Considering if Exiled was still up, I’d still recommend there. Not to mention I was a moderator. Only servers I played… sigh

Also, the black guy police model (over time I found out) depended if you wore the civilian suit model or not. A lot of people wore the suit model… So yeah. I was the only white one due to the fact that I didn’t like the suit model very much. :V

Either way, was a barrel of laughs. Sorry I seem to have derailed the thread slightly. Just thought I would say something due to Exiled being mentioned, that’s all.

People RP’d on the Serious RP server? All I remember was that I usually did hits against people for Orgs… Fun times with the Deagle.

Chrik is an asshole, he added me and many on my friends list (About 200 people) and spammed them with ads. His server may be nice but the players are so anal, they’ll ban you for saying shit in OOC. I told a superior on there “[LOOC:] Whatever, fag lol” and the admins were up my anus the next minute.

Yeah I played that same gamemode and it was awesome dude, but theres not enough players anymore, I know there is now New Vegas roleplay but its different and its not stable on basic computers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Penacos noob RP.

Best server ever.
Best admins.
Best players.

SLAGaming = Full of bronies. And that is why I left that fucking community.

Incoming Ads!

tbgceas - The best gaming community ever and stuff.


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But really, roleplay is opinionated and as such there is no valid debate. Thread can be closed now, thanks for coming.

Well besides the lag I reccomend Noobonic Plauge and their RP_evocity map, like i said besides the frequent lag, this server and gamemode is quite addictive.

SLA is just bad, I didn’t even break any rules but because Chrik was butthurt about something he RDM’d me then banned me perm.