Best Roleplay Gamemodes

I am in the process of setting up 3 servers; | [SeriousRP] | [LiteRP] | [Spacebuild]

All i need is help with the RP servers, i need a gamemode which is very serious, very close to being the nearest possible thing to real-life.

The other one, all i need is a casual roleplay gamemode, which runs smoothly, lots of people like, and always connect to, and is just genereally fun to chill out in.

Thanks for any help.

Can i get some help here please? I just need your input on this, i just need a recommendation of gamemodes.

Honestly, people hate on darkrp, but it’s a classic and just needs a good admin to kick minges. I fell in love with it on downtown_v2, and the roleplay can get pretty intense (in a good way). As for literp, I never liked it, and I’ve been too busy learning how to use wire to try spacebuild out, though I hear gooniverse is a good map.

So no specific roleplay preference? well that’s okay, just as long as i know some are still interested in Spacebuild.
As for the roleplay, guess it’s time to get into coding again, make my own roleplay D: