Best Roleplayers Ever!

Well if there’s a “Worst Roleplayers” thread there’s gotta be the opposite.

One of the greatest RPers of are generation… Jeston. He isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, not scared to do what others wouldn’t do… and he plays Runescape.
Just look at him playing medic.

So guys have you ever seen some roleplayers you think are just the best of the best?

Best roleplayer ever right there, No joke.





not me, rp is a bit shit, considering most servers are all DarkRP.


I dont know why he even tries, that’s awesome sauce.

Yep, voiceRP

He was a dickhead tbh.

Voices in RP is an idiotic concept. It destroys any attempt to distance yourself from your character.

He said that his philosophy as a medic is that people who crash into each other shouldn’t be healed and that as a punishment they should wait out being dead.

Valve should make the mic voice 3D.

Thats my favorite roleplay server… but now its dead :frowning:

Where did he say that? All I heard was him slagging off WoW and refusing to do his job. Its not fucking good RP if he refuses to save someones life AS a medic.