Best RP gamemode?

I’ve seen people here bashing DarkRP a lot, so I was wondering, as I don’t know many of the different RP modes, what RP mode does FP prefer?


I would have to say DarkRP is the most DEVELOPED, but not necessarily the best. I think custom is best, but that’s just me.

You can’t classify one gamemode as the best, because all of them has their pros and cons and different community support. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving out personal opinions, like the above user’s post.

Hmmm i would think edited versions of dark rp are the best but i also like private rp gamemodes like PERP or IC-RP on the icannt servers in australia

In my opinion, the best gamemode so far is LightRP. I don’t like DarkRP because in the end there’s just going to be deathmatch.

Anything but DarkRP, DarkRP, DarkRP, DarkRP, and did I mention DarkRP?

Dark RP is only good for starting you off into the whole WORLD of RP, Then probably PERP, then starship troopers RP/Stalker RP, then TnB, The RP Hierarchy.

PERP is pretty good, but i would say.

Someone should make a RP for fretta xD

Necropolis is a laugh if only to stand up on that viewing bridge and watching the infected chase hapless suckers around