Best Rp server you've ever played ?

hello the server i used to play all the time got hacked and terminated (exorsus) and i dont have any other server as good as exorsus was , so do you know of any awsome custom server like exorsus or wich are the best ones you’ve ever played thx.

caf gameplay darkrp is my personal favorite they have a video showing you what its like the admins are funny and AWESOME heres info:

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One post, joined today, and an advertisement-like post with an advertisement-like video.

Seems legit!

Take a look at

The top rated servers (as determined by stats, not feedback :v: ) are there. The rating is primarily based on uptime and player count. You can sort the servers by player count to find a populated server (which usually translate to how entertaining it is) and viewing the top 50 servers sorted by player count will give you a huge expanse of RP servers to try out.

Also does CAF even have a website? Couldn’t find one. lol.

I do wish it would be sortable in some other manner though, it’s really done on pure player count not how full a server is.

Meaning it’s always full of 60-100 pop RP servers instead of really popular gamemodes that would be ruined at those numbers.

Would be ruined?

60-100 pop dark rp sucks, I’ve never found a server running that without being laggy.

Try a few of them, it’s amazing what you can run at with a few tweaks. But that’s my point, just because you could get 100 people on a large TTT map doesn’t mean it would be fun.

Oh god just imagine how many people would be screaming over the mic…

noobonic plague rp is a server that i started playing a year ago and still play today
its different than any other server that you have probably played
check it out the community is great to argue with and kill and it will keep you hooked (unless you get mad easily by people killing you for what seems like no reason)
just read the motd before playing

Noobonic is one of my favorite DarkRP servers.
It’s stupid but actually fun. They are not trying to be, “OMG SUPAH SEWIOUS RP” but instead they allow you to do whatever the fuck you want, and the only rules are usually enforced by the servers game mechanics. They are a prime example of playing within your means, and not forcing the players to play by a manual.

You should check out ImpactedGaming. I started it yesterday and its pretty awesome. But don’t join if you just AFK print, they nerfed printers and made it harder to make money, which is why I enjoy it.

You should try some then.

ill check them out guys

The problem with the “best” ones is that usually they have awful staff and a horrible player base.

No hard feelings but I don’t see one thing on that Server that is custom.
Let alone somthing I would play on for less than a minut.

Try this server. We are newly starting. There will be many changes soon but it would be great to help us populate. We are running downtown dark rp. Join and have fun on the server. I’m not advertising, I’m giving him a server to go on, duh.

I’m not advertising…

Sneakiest advert evar!

Check out Good gamers RP
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