best rp server ?

Looking for the best rp server, if you guys know any REAL good ones.


Well first it will help if you tells us what type of RP your looking for. Also what country you are from for be possible ping.

No god, don’t go on any. Jesus christ I mean honestly they’re so horrible it’s down to the level of World Of Warcraft Roleplay.

You have your Dark RP that’s basically a script in which there’s no roleplay what-so-ever, Abusing admins, horrible players, no roleplay, everyone just shoots each other, see a serious roleplay server hosting Dark RP? It’s just another scam to attract players, the only real reason for people to join it is when they’re absolutely bored, you’ll never see an actual roleplayer there.

TnB, GGL is slightly better, you have to work to get something and the roleplay is excellent when you find a group of people, but it’s all dwarfed by the drama going on over there, people yelling at each other, roleplay turning into L-OOC fests of who’s wrong and who’s right.

HGN - Stalker Script, It used to be a leviathan who capped daily but it doesn’t basically host roleplay as much as it slaughters Stalker canon with sentient bloodsuckers, monolith and all-round bullshit where you have to donate to get anywhere, or send an app that isn’t checked for weeks, there’s a reason why they rarely get over 10 people nowadays!

Hey keyblockor, if I’m correct you were a regular in the necropolis roleplay server. Too bad the community died.

Anyhow, good luck finding a quality server OP. It won’t be an easy task.

If i were you i would stay away from the |DG| strict HL2 roleplay. They have racist and childish administrators.

Although if ya wana check it out

Uhm, I’m an ex-administrator from DG and I wasn’t racist nor childish, and you’re just mad because you were ban, and I’m sorry about that, but you must have been ban for a reason so, stop bitching about other servers and move on with life.

ClayT please try it out! We’re really not that bad we’re actually really friendly. Unless you just troll about like a 4 year old. So come check DG / Deific Role play out.

But, please Try it out and have fun.

djhayes1994 was banned from the server for useing abusive comments to other players. Forcing prop killing and punch whore onto other players, I was forced to take action on him/her and ban for 46 minutes, this is the reason he/she is posting this topic. She/he is a very upset person only because I banned her/him.

Rude racist comments as seen in the screenshot. One of the many reason I banned her for “46” minutes. If you wish to come back on please do but don’t ruin the roleplay for others. I will just permantly ban you simple as.

So please if you wish to advertise my server in such a way, don’t because you just made yourself look stupid. Thanks and goodbye

Your just mad cause i was talking black.

Also not a single fuck was given today.

also you forgot to highlight some of my sentences.

I didn’t highlight your other sentances because I thought they were not Irrelevant to this situation. Those un highlighted sections were you being abusive to me because I said i’m going to ban you for 46 minutes. If you want I can get the rest for you to show yourself up even more…

^Your point is invalid.^ That’s to Hayes by the way.

Thank you…

Most of the RP servers are fail, you will rarely enjoy the RP and rather act in endless dramas about who’s right and who’s wrong, as well as about ‘racism’ and other shit.

Just don’t get yourself involved in it, and you’re good.

Yup, I was a regular on Nec.

X-Hosters Metro 2033 RP Server isn’t released yet so i can’t say if we’re good or not, but one thing is for sure. We’re not the best, but i have never seen a better one. :v:
So if you’re a Metro 2033 fan you shold check this out:

I have to agree with all of this, well I haven’t tried GGL, but you should take another look at HGN, if you haven’t tried in a while.

Exos Project Utopia Roleplay.

fuck roleplay


Oh god, you are so retarded that it’s funny!