Best rust server host?

Hey guys,

Having some trouble with my current host and am in the market for a new provider.

I would like to hear about your experiences and see what you all think.

Let me know who to choose and who not to choose and why.

Thanks guys!

Multiplay are awesome , are overpriced , laggy and don’t do refunds

HFB is terribad, worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Constantly claiming DDOS attacks, but the server will have been restarted when you are able to access it again.

FPS seems good so far, their customer service is amazing. They won’t just respond, they’ll even log into your server and do tests to see performance, etc. They don’t just give you a canned response and close your ticket. They are also available nearly 24x7 on their TS server for support. It’s like the polar opposite of HFB.

I second Multiplay. Server was ready seconds after payment. Easy to setup and use. Have had no issues with them. The cost of debranding, if you choose, is actually quite low if you fully compare what they offer to other providers.