Best RUST Server NA [PVP|SLeeper|HalfCraft] Active Admins

Fresh new server as of 4:15 P.M. US Central time on Nov 13th 2013

About Us:
We are group of very mature (20+ years of age), experienced PC Gamers. We play/played games such as RUST, CS:GO, TF2, DayZ, Infestation(WarZ), Call of Duty, GTA, Left 4 Dead and many many more.
We are extending our love of RUST and the server for everyone out there to come join in on the fun. Our goal to get a steady strong population, host events, provide the best hassle free PVP experience and have an awesome place for everyone to come play.
Our goals as Admins on the server are to be professional and active. We have all been admin on other games and are just regular players like you. Our mission as Admins are to combat Hackers/Cheats/Glitching and to help, if you ever have a question or concern feel free to ask an Admin in chat. Most of us don’t even log in as Admin unless something comes up, nor will we spawn in any in game items for ourselves or others.
Side note; We are currently opening up our Team speak server with more slots to the public, it will be a place to come hang out, team up with others on the server or to just socialize. I will incide the Team Speak info shortly.
We don’t have a website, but are thinking of getting a forum up for the public to access info on events, server changes and more.

Server Info:
Server Name: Best RUST Server NA [PVP|SLeeper|HalfCraft] Active Admins
Location: United States, Dallas TX.
Slots: 250
PVP On: Yes
Sleepers On: Yes
Craft Time: Cut in Half !
Admins: Active

Everyday at 5:00am EST. (Only takes 20 seconds, helps to keep the server running smoothly)

How to Quick Connect: When RUST is running hit F1 to bring up the consol. Type/Paste in net.connect I personally use the paste method by just hitting ctrl + v. Hit Enter and your now loading into the server.

We have setup a couple basic rules. No Hacking Cheating or Glitching. Hacking/Cheating speaks for itself people caught doing this will be banned on the spot! As for glitching we ask that you don’t purposely glitch into rocks (dropping sleeping bags, storage boxes or anything inside the rock is a no no) or into people’s bases.
We acknowledge people can sometimes get glitched into rocks by accident, but it easy to just jump out.

This is something we feel is a must to bring out good competition and fun to the server. Some event idea’s so far are, Last Team Standing, Last Man Standing, Death Run, Death Run Cars (When Car’s are released), Strongholds (Try to take over a base filled with goodies) and more.
Prizes for events will be copies of RUST, games on Steam and PC hardware, which will include mechanical keyboards, gaming mice and video cards !
We hope to host events every weekend most likely Saturday or Sunday.

In short if you looking for a solid no BS server without hackers, cheaters or glitches, experienced active admins, top notch PVP, great weekly events with prizes hop on in the server and join the family.

Please Activate Airdrop !! there is no exposive!!
& please continue this server <3