Best Rust Server Provider?

I was with HFB… Horrid. Just the worst, server would be down for days without any assistance, etc…

I bought from FPSplayers, was waiting for my order for about 2 weeks, so I went with The lag is pretty bad, always spiking, random restarts throughout the day… so I’m looking to change again, but I’m not sure who to go with. I want BMRF, but they never have servers available.


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oh and I spoke with rustgameservers, they are claiming nothing is wrong, so thats why I’m wanting to switch… guess its just their service. Its a 200slot server and gets tons of lag when there is only 30 players in the server, especially when people are shooting.

i got mine from FPS within 24 hours. good service so far

FPS has been great for me as well!

Wrong section man. Sorry for not being able to contribute: I wouldn’t know :confused:

Go with FPS, they have great service and their FTP is super easy to use

I just got HFB yesterday and it has been problem free so far. Quick response to a ticket and easy to use server interface

I been using FPS since the DDOS attack back in Christmas, and they been very great to me

HFB is crap. To start with, it took them over 36 hours to set up our server. Our server has had a total of approximately 204 hours of total possible uptime (~8.5 days). We’ve only had just over 4 days of total uptime so far. It’s been down almost 50% of the time. We’ve decided we’re moving our server once we get close to the end of the billing cycle.

do you have the price and adress of FPS

Anyone know of a cheap VERY low slot server host that one can pick up for mod development? Something like 10-20 slots? I’m interested in Oxide’s mod support however most of the server hosts I’ve seen only allow pre configured plugins and usually want you to pay for like 75-200 slots even if the server is primarily going to be used for one or two people.

Using Multiplay and their ClanForge is outstanding BUT I really miss FTP access as many plugins for Oxide has their config hardcoded instead of using a separate txt file.

If I would start a server today I probably would go with Nitrous as they got all I want and almost as good ping as the Multiplay server I currently rent.

I would be the best i know for sure. But i cant host Rust yet… o.O

I have a FPSplayers server. It’s pretty cheap and the ping isnt as low as I had hoped for a dallas location, but overall no problems other than the startup wait.