BEST serious rp

I need The Bsrp Best Serious Role Play Server gamemode

if you can find me this ill be paying.

it was leaked long ago you can find it here

That is one pathetic OP.

lol thats the regular darkrp, i want the one with the billard bords the special money printers and everything

you quoted me backwards

You mean this one?

Yea but i heard the gamemode got leaked.

And why do you want to download a leaked gamemode?

I really like it, and me and my friends want to play on it over lan.

Well, if the gamemode was leaked then it’s most likely broken.

It wasnt leaking you idiot. OP is a dumbass

And there gamemode fucking sucks btw. idk why you would want it.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Craptasket))

Shut up Banana, your RP server was/is a fail and all your admins were whiny cuntbags who need to have their voice boxes removed.

At least they tried to do something original with their DarkRP gamemode unlike you.

I have no idea why you have to be so hostile. I was just telling the OP a simple fact if the gamemode was leaked. How am I suppose to know if the gamemode was leaked or not?

I dont even have an rp server?

ur an idiot! haah

DarkRP is an SVN… Google it.