Best Server Addons?

I own a darkrp server and these are my current addons. Im looking for more to make the server a little more lively.

Fading Doors/Keypad + Cracker
Player Sizer
Climb Swep
CSS Realistic Weapons
Mad Cows Weapons
Custom Money Printers

I need to know what else to add to make the server more fun :3

You’re running DarkRP like all other unoriginal Gmod kiddies, you’re really not going to get more players with a couple of addons. You’re competing with literally hundreds of other servers. If you want to have players that have fun, you need to not host the gamemodes that are the easiest to setup: TTT, DarkRP, Sandbox and Deathrun.

Although it’s not so easy to get players with anything else, you’re more likely to get a community going if you’re not trying to advertise the same exact game along with thousands of the same kind. Running DarkRP is suicide if you want a lot of players that actually care about your server, at least if you don’t already have a community around it. Adding a few extra mods won’t attract a huge crowd.

I have usually 20/20 slots full and most players want to be the job that has the parkour swep so that made me think that they want fun addons.

Then if they want that job, maybe you should think about getting people over the age of 6 on your server. Although, Gmod Legs and other addons that add to the realism are really cool.