Best server administration add-on?

Well, I’m kind of stuck between ULX, Citrus, and ASSmod. Could someone give me a recommendation? I’m not one to review an add-on, so I wouldn’t specifically know which one is the best.

ULX is the best in my opinion.

Best user interface, best plugins, best features. Easy to install and configure. What more could you ask for?

What? ULX has nearly no plugins… and you need to enter ulx_menu everytime you want to do something.

Ass for quick actions and usefull plugins!

What? ULX has chat commands and autofill console commands.

You’ve obviously never used ULX before.

no because i only had trouble with it and i hated the ulx_menu so i quickly deleted it… ass ftw

Yep, ASSMod has more plugins than ULX and ULX only has the menu.

Oh yeah and ASSMod bans don’t carry across server sessions if the server crashes. lol. What a great admin mod!

You’re obviously not using Assmod correctly then, worked fine for me when I used it, albeit heavily modified.

The best admin mod is your own admin mod.

Sorry but ULX has LOADS of “usefull” plugins.,15.0.html

Type “!menu” into chat and you can access everything available to you for ULX. If you can’t be bothered typing that, you could always do: “bind <key> ulx_menu” and you’ll never need to type it again.

As for quick actions,

“!kick Xa” would kick you instantly.
“!kick *” would kick everybody.
“!ban Xa Ignorance” would kick and ban you, giving Ignorance as the reason you were banned.

Saves going through all those silly expanding menus in ASSMod, then still having to choose who to perform the action on.

There are many things you can also configure in the ULX config file including a HTML parsing Message of the Day.

You’d know all this if you’ve ever tried using ULX.

Choosing ban from the menu isn’t correct usage?

Trust me, I know how to manage a server’s addons and files. This wasn’t anything I did.

ASSMod = Broken
I have no experience with Citrus

My vote is for ULX.