Best server.cfg config for 60 players?

Could anyone help me out? I am wanting to know of a really nice way to make the darkrp server run more smooth with 60+ players on it. Any have a good config setup or advice on how to optimize even more? Thanks

Without any lua optimisations, the most you can do is set the tickrate to 33.

What lua optimizations could improve the performance? besides this.

timer.Create(“Ilikehorses_somuch -_-”,1000,0,function()
for _,p in pairs(ents.FindByClass(“prop_physics”)) do

	if IsValid(p) then
		if p:IsVehicle() then return false end
		local PhysicShit = p:GetPhysicsObject()
		if PhysicsShit:IsValid() then
end -- this will freeze all props on the shitty map every 1000 seconds


And this -

ply:SendLua( “notification.AddLegacy( ‘The unfreezing of props with physgun is disabled, nice try otherwise :wink: .’, NOTIFY_GENERIC, 10 )” )
return false
end) – just block fuckers from fucking :smiley:

Lua optimizations within addons and the gamemode by localising stuff that doesn’t need to be global, trying to minimise the use of expensive hooks and functions, and changing user messages to net messages.