Best Server for West Coast CA with Very Active Admins?

Hi All,

I’m so fucking tired of hackers on all of the servers, first was the noclipping, then was speeding and ESP and aimbotting. They are always magically at all the crate drops without fail, always can shoot you in the dark, always know exactly where you are, can shoot you through trees etc. Makes the game unplayble and its super fucking irritating.


So is there any server out there with extremely active admins and a very aggressive ban policy that has good ping for west coast USA?

Man, your criteria is DEFINITELY met by our server.

Port: 28045

We have a ZERO tolerance for hackers. We ban anyone with a previous vac ban, hackers, cheaters, exploiters.

Within reason of course.

We have about a 100 person community. The ip is above but we are "[USWEST] Bay Area Noob Friendly.

By noob friendly, I do not mean we hand out starter packs or anything, but we have 4 (soon to be 5) admins who are helpful and friendly. We do not allow abuse (including from admins).

Its a pretty awesome server. Lots of people are KoS types, but there are a few different factions that fight eachother frequently.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Alternatively… our facepunch link is here:

If you don’t wish to read… we meet your criteria and furthermore… connection info:

Rust++ installed for doorsharing.


I’m actually in the process of recruiting admins for my server that I’ll be launching in a few weeks. I know you’re looking for a server right now. But this seems to be a very hot topic at the moment. Prior to launching my server I’ll have a team of admins on 24/7 at server launch. If you or anyone that reads this is interested please shoot me an email or add me to steam. Sorry if I’m off topic.
Steam- lastserenade
Must be 18+, speak English and reside in United States. Some plus are knowledge in running a server, previous admin background.

Do you guys have door sharing/sleepers?