Best Server host (EUROPE)

Except Art of War C & Gtx

Were going to be start selling Source Servers located NL.

You think to a Price for slots?

Probably 40/50p per a slot.

I guess it will lag like hell and have a 2/7 Support like the other cheap server providers.

Oh, no. All servers will be on a Gigabit line and max 40 Servers per a node (ish)

Since KPN and some other provider wanted to put glassfiber everywhere in the whole of netherlands before 2012 everyone can be a server host, slowest speed that you can get now is 50mb/s i love my 150mb/s, only use it for private hosting tough.

You could be your own host any where with a decent hook up (5 - 15mb/s can do it). Not recommended for a high usage network, but if you just dedicate your network to one computer running the Source Dedicated software, then you’re sorted.

I think you will have Succes , and maybe if i will need a server i will buy from you :smiley:

Thank you. What section would you suggest for posting an advertisement thread?

If you want a good server, buy your own box.

Don’t make an advertisement thread Facepunch. What I just said is prob the best tip someone has ever given you. I don’t think it’s even allowed anymore anyway, but the trolls will get to it before the mods.

Would I allowed to post a sort of advertisement in the Minecraft section if we sold Minecraft servers?

I honestly have no idea. But Garry closed the thread from Brohoster saying he didn’t allow advertisements anymore. That was a long time ago, but yeah…

Some people do it but they get flamed to death by the trolls.

Post your Website and what you sell here :


Oh ye I don’t read that :smiley:

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You Should Try here :