Best Server Host For My Needs??

I recently made a basic questions thread with many great answers that were appreciated, but I did not get an answer specifically on what the best server host would be for these needs:

  • One med-big DarkRP server
  • Great DDoS protection
  • Great performance/Low Ping
  • No random crashing
  • Possibly 2-3 servers later

Please leave a comment with your opinions on the best host for my circumstances and what packages to get! Thank you

nfo or ovh imo

protected hosting.
No crashes.
Amazing ddos protection.
Low cpu usage.
And great support.

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Nfo isnt a good choice, way to expensive.
No layer 7 ddos protection.
It is just rip.
Ovh is decent but quite easy to ddos.

For a server, I’d still recommend GMCHosting, considering they’re really cheap and have great DDoS protection. Another great thing about them is, you don’t pay per server slot, you pay for how much CPU % you use.

I am leading towards GMC atm since I would like to have my server on an individual core by itself since it is DarkRP and bound to have 40+ or more most times.

Hello soloisticorc2,

I believe that I responded to your other thread.

I tried not to be too bias but I guess I’ll just step right in as you want a direct answer.

We (GMCHosting) provide everything that you want in that criteria.

1.) Our current highest public package allows you to host up to 64-70 players (depending on your setup) at 15-20 tick-rate without issues.

2.) We are the only provider that provides in depth DDoS protection against even source DDoS exploits which every other host including NFO has been unable to block properly.

3.) We provide dedicated resources with our server hosting which no other server hosters do. The only way you would be able to match the performance is if you pay hundreds of dollars for a dedicated machine. As you stated in your other thread, VPSes are often very low in terms of single threaded CPU performance (very bad for source servers).

4.) We give you dedicated resources. The only reasons you would experience a server crash is either from in game related (players doing stupid stuff), Lua / addon related or if you got attacked with a new type of DDoS which is unlikely. Unless you were in the top 25, this wouldn’t really happen.

5.) You may purchase more servers as you wish. There is no limitation there.

6.) We do also provide direct Steam support if you wish. Just keep in mind that we cannot help you with any Lua related questions unless it pertains to something from our end.

7.) One of your main points in your other thread was price. Our service is very comparable to NFO’s server hosting however they charge double the price while they lack in terms of DDoS protection. Price wise, you should have no issues affording our hosting. I would always recommend starting small.

I hope this fully answers your questions.

Would a 32 slot medium package server from GMC be able to upgrade to a 64+ version the next month with all the files safe?

Hello soloisticorc2,

I don’t want to say too much here since it is a public forum however you may upgrade your server as long as your next month’s invoice has not been generated yet.

The upgrade is instant and only requires a quick server start. Your files and IP stay as they were.


I just looked at your website. I’m seriously impressed.

It’s just kinda sad that you only offer webhosting in Montreal.

If you are serious about hosting a server and are in it for the long term you should consider getting a dedicated server, you can easily get a decent setup which will cost you around $90 a month from limestone networks and it won’t cost you “hundreds” like ertug20 states it will.
I used to use shared hosting for a long time with many different providers and they all have some sort of pitfall.
Plus with a dedicated machine it’s “yours” and you can control everything on it and host anything you want.

That’s great to hear, thanks for that.

Web hosting shouldn’t be a priority when it comes to low latency. While of course when calling for many files, the latency will add up. There can always be optimizations (eg. using a CDN).

While I do agree with you there, it all depends on the client. While not being too bias, we don’t have many downsides but we aren’t perfect, I certainly haven’t seen any better providers in terms of “shared” hosting.

Some people do love the freedom of course, I have no issue understanding that however, I am a firm believer that DDoS protection should be an absolute must. Dedicated server providers like Limestone networks and especially NFO are great but only provide DDoS protection (10 Gbps last I checked [varies for NFO]) however, it’s made to be generalized. You will always have leaks and problems unless you go with provider that protects specifically for one service like GMod / Source Engine (depends). We do provide dedicated machines when needed on special circumstances (usually to the top 50 servers who are used to doing everything themselves).

I suppose it all depends on the client. Some like the custom control panel while others like doing it by hand.

Honestly, from running protected hosting I’ve only had one proper layer 7 attack ( The rest were VSE which a child can mitigate ) launched against our network, and I’m the one who bloody launched it!

Because of this I’d advise you focus on volumetric ( The most common, and easiest form of DDoS ) attacks, and thus I advise you use a cloud based DDoS mitigation solution like the one Voxility provides.
They can do this by balancing the traffic between multiple locations during an attack and thus increasing the through put capacity to that which is normally impossible to a single IP.

We provide strengthened Voxility tunnels with our servers. ( Voxility has its holes :v: )

Now, to throw some features out;

  • 3ms ping to London docklands.
  • Great DDoS protection with layer 7 filters. ( GMC claims he’s the only one who can do this. :v: )
  • Optional choice to dedicate a core to your server.
  • Optional development server for only £2/mo
  • Options to completely control what you pay for, including dedicated IP’s, development servers and more.
  • Industry leading TCAdmin panel so you’re familiar with your server straight away.
  • Optional slot scale-ability.
  • FastDL with one click sync
  • MySQL database included
  • I’m passionate about what I do, and I don’t sleep until it’s done well.

If you’d like to find anything else out about us then click here.


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Last I checked your volumetric capacity is only about 10Gbps ( Achived by buying a 10GE server and tunneling everyones traffic through that, which when I last checked was only available to certain clients, too ), so its a bit rich to point at that like a flaw when OVH have a poor volumetric capacity too.

– Don’t get me wrong; you provide a good service and you’re just trying to make a living, but don’t throw stones if you live in glass houses.

Hello Slowboi,

It looks like you want a fight :).

Okay, I’ll begin.

First things first, you shouldn’t really admit (or doing it in the first place obviously) that you’re the one throwing around in-depth DDoS attacks… I would not recommend doing that in the first place. Obviously you need to test your infrastructure but do it internally and hopefully behind closed doors.

Voxility does not protect against in depth protection against these sorts of attacks. Your provider “attempts” to take care of it via rate limiting. I don’t find this to be a valid method of DDoS mitigation. They are actually limited by their line with Voxility. You already know the limit that they have (no need to be stated). Voxility also has many leaks since as you know yourself, it is yet another general solution and not built specifically for GMod / source traffic. You can pay them an additional fee for them to make your customized filtering rules but that will still not resolve source exploits.

Right now along with our provider, we have our own custom Arbor DDoS filters in place with an anycast system (Montreal, Gravelines, Paris) just as Voxility does (they about 9 POPs but leaks go through). This is nothing special. This allows us to stop 99% of bad traffic. The only traffic that would ever get in is in depth source exploits which is only around 100 Mbps - 1 Gbps at most.

The internal capacity of our routing is around 40 Gbps however there is absolutely no need to upgrade the port speeds since Arbor takes care of the volumetric attacks that you are claiming gets past our system. You know very well that not even our provider (OVH) can match the protection that we offer.
That’s one of the reasons that people aren’t even considering OVH anymore. Voxility is great, don’t get me wrong but I like to have a little bit more control.

To give you a valid representation (percentages). Here is about where you are in terms of DDoS protection:

In terms of capacity, that all varies on the attack type. NFO for example gives up most of their bandwidth in order to stop NTP based attacks. Voxility automatically takes care of that while Arbor also already takes care of that. What you should be absolutely worried about is the small source exploits.

To be honest with you, I haven’t seen a “big” attack come through in years. Even on our popular hosted servers which are in the top 50. They are either all blocked automatically (amplification) or the attacker just doesn’t even try anymore as there is no reason. The only host on where people use said attacks is with NFO and or gameservers since they still have a null routing system in place. Your main concern should be blocking source exploits which from my understanding isn’t done directly and properly (rate limiting is not proper protection).

Where and how did you even get this data?

Hello Billy,

I have taken the amount of reports I have had and made a rough guesstimate. You can add a +/- 15% if you want. it really makes no difference. Just the in depth source exploits alone cripple the top 3. Protected has rate limiting as does NFO but it appears to be a bit more effective.

You can’t make percentages based off of “reports you’ve received”

Are all the reports bad?
Are the reports real?
Where are the reports?
Why do you log such reports?

Here comes the dick swinging

Seriously, though. I feel like me having a cheeky little jab at you doesn’t warrant me having to now read your entire paragraph on discrediting my work with no factual statistics to back most if not all of your claims.

Here are some things you said that I call bs on;

I never did admit to launching layer 7 attacks on servers outside my infrastructure, not sure why you mentioned that.

Please reference a source which states they rate limit as that is simply not the case, in terms of A2S they actually do the caching for us, but thats as much as they’re involved in layer 7.

How did you work these calculations out? Other than pulling them from the air, of course.

Once again, I think you’re a great guy and have great intentions – but you can’t just pull random facts from thin air or you end up looking like an idiot.

Hello Billy,

Of course not everybody tells the truth. You will always have a bit of common error at play as with any sort of measurement.

I have taken these measurements from various private sources, server owners, other server providers, etc over the past 6 years.

Of course not all reports are bad. Some say that said providers are amazing and protected me against X attacks. It all depends on the attack type. What I really base this off is not completely on what people give me but on what they can protect from.

I don’t go around doing stupid things unlike some other people that may or may not be viewing this thread. I just like to have this as my disposal out of curiosity. I can’t exactly keep upgrading my system unless I know how other providers stack up against certain attacks.

  • protected hosting has been around for under a year, so with that in mind I think the way you delivered it like a fact is very dirty.

I’d also ask you to cite a source for which you’ve spoken to about our services and ddos mitigation; because not a single one of our past or current customers are on your friends list.

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Tell me about it…