Best server host with CPU?

What is the best server host you can think of that has the best CPU and is cheap. Etc, spawn over 30+ npcs and no lag to players.

The lag wouldn’t be on the server, so it won’t matter what type of CPU it has.

Then what can fix it?

NPC optimization by Valve, NPCs where probably only intended to be used in small amounts in multiplayer games or only in Coop games.

Your best bet is to use a tickrate of 33, otherwise it’s the clients choking or the server hitting networking limits which I highly doubt.

What should I set FPS_MAX to?

You shouldn’t change it at all, if you have an npc or two on the map the fps will be under 64 anyways.

There isn’t really a point in changing the Fps unless you have like a 100 tick CS:S server without entities flying around or being driven.

Setting server FPS to 600 helps a little. Not a lot of course though.

I think all servers have a cpu.
If you don’t get it, check the thread title.

Concerning shared servers:
Velocity Servers uses Xeon 5000 series, and uses Core2

Obviously Velocity knows that Xeon is for server architecture, DirectClanHosting is full of idiots.

Avoid artofwar, they load up like 50 shared servers on a single box.

What about Low pings, I always assumed they used Xeon but was never sure. = GameData =, who use AMD Opteron CPUs in their servers. and are basically the same thing for your quality wise. Except one charges nearer to what the servers are worth and the other obscures their server specifications and gloats about their best box which they might have 1-2 of then preys on noobs with a bunch of retarded words like ‘lag-free’.