Best Server Host?

I’m looking to purchase a 16 slot server, but I can’t decide who to buy it from. What would you guys recommend?


How did they confuse DoS with hacking…?

The lack of professionalism in that ticket makes it look like they’re a bunch of 13 year old kids and makes me want to :barf:.

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here we go. :wotwot:

I say brohoster. Thats all.

i recommend Daemon servers. They are cheap, free mysql One click fast DL all you could want in a server.

Xenon had a HUGE price raise

I have my own Voice server, gameserver and dedicated server there.
Great support, and insta-setup!

If you’re looking for a very supportive, inexpensive and high quality host in the United States, I highly recommend Gamerzunlimited. Cheapest host you will find in the United States. Believe me.

Xenon Servers

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I work for a server hosting company: [NNJG]Server Hosting

Very good support, pretty good pricing (except you have to de-brand the server, but that costs a little more on the low price without it), and very good performance

Every time I see this I read it as retardservers.

Bad choice of a name imo.

Daemon Servers UK have got some specials on at the moment. I’ve got this code: ‘EPP1174’ which is 10% off anything indefinately but it runs out end of January.



All Australian GSP’s are a piece of shit, including that They either rip people off, shut down servers after a month even if you paid for 3 and are just general idiots.