Best server hosting closest to Norway?

I’m looking for a new place to host my servers, I use nitrous networks now but I get around 50 ping. So I’m wondering if anyone know of a good host near Norway for Garry’s mod.

50 milliseconds is not a lot. I don’t see why you’d need any less in Garry’s Mod.

50ms isn’t bad at all assuming that’s the average most players get to the server. Vilayer is probably your best bet if you’re trying to get the server as close as possible although their support is pretty shitty from my own experience. I don’t know of any hosts that host IN Norway, someone else may though.

Personally I’d suggest keeping the server outside of Norway, I’d imagine most of the player base is going to come from the EU. Best of luck!

The server is a Norwegian server so it would be best to host it in Norway too.

I’d purchase a VPS from They are located in Oslo, with a 99.99% SLA.

This server hosting company is what I use
use the discount code Invoid20 for 20% off anything this discount code is only going to last 7 days anyone can use it. If you would like to talk to me, add me on steam funnygamemaker and or if you have any questions. They are hosted in Europe but around France, Britain and other places. I hope that this might help you.