Best Server Hosting Service

Hey everyone! So, I’m going to make this short:

What is the best Garry’s Mod server hosting service out there? I’ve been to Host Picker, but I simply don’t like it. I want multiple people’s opinion. Is NFO the best service? Some people over at The DarkRP Forums and said it is. However, I need confirmation.

Also, I know it’s hard to pick a best. However, by best I simply mean what will do the job well. I want close to no lag (I’m not stupid, I know every service will lag sometimes but I mean on average), DDoS protection, ect. I don’t care about the cost. Just nothing outrageous.

Oh yeah, don’t advertise your own services. Please.

No doubt, NFO is the best server host. Great support, great web hosting, free ddos protection, and just simple admin panel. I recommend it over any other host.

I host on my own pc

NFO is pretty good unless you start get any large scale DDos attacks(100gbs +). Then they just null you and tell you to find another host. :v:

When it comes to smaller targeted source attacks, they have their shit down a pretty good. OvH’s game servers have this as well plus the ability to mitigate any large size attacks.

Both are good hosts in my experience.

Contrary to this, OVH is better at protecting source games than NFO etc with their Game Server dedi’s, however they use a whitelist sort of system which is pretty easy to bypass. But for general protection against people buying a booter etc, it works great.

In the US at least you sacrifice good latency by going with OVH. But the reality of it is, if you’re hosting garrysmod your server can be downed and kept down with a whopping 10mbps pretty easily.

Do you mind me asking what host YOU use, StonedPenguin? After all, you have one of the best damned servers out there, lmao.


Yep, it’s a done deal. Thanks Penguin.

Solved :slight_smile: