Best server provider for a large server?

Hey there!
I currently need two new server, one Garrysmod 32 slots, and a Minecraft(12-20 slots) server.

Where is the best place to host?
And i mean best, not cheapest.

Depends on the location you want to host your server.


Sup. We have European hosting for GMOD. Minecraft is only in the US, but the pings to the EU are so low nobody complains.

What could you offer me about prices?

MC server info is here:!

A 32 slot GMOD server would cost you $29.40/mo

Could you do me a discount for 2 servers?

Also i would like to buy them in pounds,
Can i be sure that your servers are non laggy?
Since i have this community and the reason why we are changing host is because of the other host is laggy.
So can i trust that i can have 32 people non laggy?

You can ask pretty much anyone here, Brohoster is a trusted brand. Unfortunately we can’t discount anything but if you google brohoster discounts you’re bound to find something.

The amount will be converted to pounds when you pay for it at Paypal/Google Checkout, but you can check it on google in the meantime.

Cant you just give me a voucher instead of letting your costumer goggling something you already know?

No, that’s like asking a grocery store to give you a coupon because they have some. Most of our discounts were given to various communities for the purpose of their community to use it. There’s no coupon I normally give to prospective customers when I’m trying to make a sale.

I wont start an argument now.
But i just found other guys who told me that you gave vouchers.
But i cant find any on google, so i guess i have to go with the standard price.
If i pick your place. i might just start with a minecraft server and then buy the garrysmod server later.

Sounds good. :smile:

Placed my order as Christian Hansen