Best server provider

I want to hear your thoughts on every host that you have used. The criterias are:

  1. Setup time
  2. Downtime because of failure or DDoS
  3. Support respond delay
  4. Quality of support responses
  5. User friendly control panel
  6. FTP access?
  7. Lantency in-game
  8. Recommended or not?

Thank you for your answers!

At the moment most all the big providers are getting ddos’d I have personally had ddos issues with multiplay nitrous and fpsplayers.

From what I see hfb also gets ddos’d all the time.

ok thx for sharing.

I should add a bit to my statement.

It seems all the providers have decent support, then a ton of their servers get ddos’d or an update comes out and breaks everything so they get like hundreds of support requests their support goes to shit then people come onto the forums and bitch and complain [I have done the same]. If you are looking for fast response times atm I would not go with


as they seem to have long response times atm due to all the issues of ddos and update issues with oxide and stuff.

I am using and they have been great so far. We are paying $22 a month for a 50 slot server.

Not too sure how other sites have it setup, but the mod manager makes installing mods/plugins super easy. They have all the main ones like, leather, rust++, oxide, etc… all listed on there and it is as easy as clicking install and from there you can tweak all your settings in a text editor. Pretty simple interface and you could be up and running in minutes if you don’t want to change much. Obviously you could spend more time, but that is dependent on how much you want to play with the settings.

thanks for sharing that.

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Ya i understand that all host being ddos are being flooded with tickets because customers are not capable of patience and are automatically raging on host. I think the majority of them are trying their best to respond to tickets.


Multiplay for me

  1. Setup time - 2 hours
  2. Downtime because of failure or DDoS - 0 downtime besides updates thankfully
  3. Support respond delay - Only submitted 1 ticket and I resolved the issue prior by going to the forums.
  4. Quality of support responses - from the forums awesome. From the ticketing system not so much
  5. User friendly control panel - yup
  6. FTP access? - no :frowning: we have been pushing for it though.
  7. Lantency in-game - Non-existent
  8. Recommended or not? - Yes

I say Stay Far Far away from HFBServers.

Took them 2 and a half days to Setup a server, Taking over 24 hours every single time to answer a ticket as a minimum, and so far for the last week i have not had a single day where the server doesn’t randomly go down.

Right now waiting for it to maybe come back up, Its been since 4 hours since the server is down again with Status: Unknown on their control panel.

nitrous networks always been very helpful when i have had problems, we have used them since the servers where available for rent which is about 3 months now.

Using HFB atm. No issues yet. Less than 10 minutes after paying server was up. I see most poeple only post complaints… thought i would post a compliment. Havnt needed to use support for anything yet. Ftp works… 1 click install. Have Ftpd a few extra mods with no issues. They just put in scheduled backups. $23 month for 100 slot. No issues with ddos yet except for control panel slow to load sometimes.

Your server must be low pop. My server has 100+ people on it at most times and crashes constantly. Multiplay tells us to wipe every few days to resolve it. When the line drops, it restarts, and I attached a copy of my error log.