Best Server Seed?

I’m looking for the best Server Seed. I’m looking for something that is mostly a chain of big/small islands. Looking for about a 6k map size as well. Any suggestions? As a note, I have tried PlayrustHQ, but those maps that are generated are not accurate in the least.

they are accurate for low seed numbers, but for some reason the high seed number, higher than 1000000 or something, are not accurate. something like the server actually generate the map using serverseed+1 instead of serverseed. so if you want to genrerate a map for seed=10000000, enter 10000001 in playrusthq. i dont have the exact answer but its something related to wrong seed number used.

I have tried the lower number one’s, yet I still do not get the map that it says I should have. Thanks for the reply.

It uses the actual terrain data from the server - so the map it makes is always accurate for the given size & seed. The only exceptions are maps which were generated prior to terrain generation which require you to click the ‘Refresh Map’ link underneath it (and making sure your own browser hasn’t cached it). If the map date is more than 3-4 weeks old, I would suggest trying that (and forcing a reset of your cache). The seed bug is a bug with Rust itself, not PRHQ (as I’m sure I explained before).

I’ll make a small change where by using the ‘Generate Map’ will always refresh the map automatically rather than picking it out from cache.

In the mean time, please post some links to generated maps which are wrong so I can look into it.

We had a stuffed seed number, which is being sorted out so I won’t worry about that map, since the PlayRustHQ shows the wrong map compared to the actual map, but that’s okay, no need to worry about fixing it, just for your information (it’s been wrong for 2 weeks) Size 4500 Seed 1178550702. There are no monuments shown on PlayRustHQ either.

Now here’s the one that has issues, size 4300 seed 1178550656. The monument placements are all incorrect.
Here is the live map link, all placements correct
Here is the PlayRustHQ map with wrong placements

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yeah i dont know what can cause a wrong map. it happend to me once. usually on most of the servers i play, the map is accurate. for example the server i play right now has this map and its accurate : Server size 4000. server seed 1234567.

I just know that I have tried a multitude of lower number seeds @6k size, but nonw were ever correct. I can not check them now, seeing as how i would nee to wipe my server to do so. I will def log some on next wipe.

Not sure what you mean about the map - they’re identical? Side by side comparison: Or did you mean the old seed? The PRHQ map generator and the Rust-IO generator (the one on your live map link) are exactly the same. If you see it differently then your browser is caching an old map - I’ve just made a change which might automatically fix this, otherwise do a refresh with F5 or CTRL+F5.

The monuments placement is a bug due to the way our caching was updated - seems I didn’t transfer the monuments across to the new system - I did notice this a few days ago. I’ll get that fixed up today.

Mine is server seed 6663600 and I like it, it has some nice lakes and hills.

Take this seed for an example:

I tried this one out before, but the map I got with that server seed/size was not the map that I am seeing here.

I’m making @8k size what’s the best seedings for that? I like the 1 above but i want something awesome.

i’m under the impression that 8k maps have plenty of issues, so i would suggest against it.

8k maps are known for lag, full/partly invisible trees…among other things