Best site for paid hosting.

What sites are best for large server loads?
No matter the price. 60+ slots

Depends if you want a physical box or a rented server. If you want a physical box, I’d look at kimsufi or i3d. Rented servers - look at xenonservers. Not sure if ukgame offer > 32 slots or not.


To add to that, seeing as your Steam profile says that you are from the United States, I recommend taking a look at Limestone if you want a box that is located in the US.

Xenon Servers is a great host, I’ve had no issues with them with my build servers so far.

When I was with Xenonservers, the service was terrible, the server had a major issue with packet loss and performance, I told them this 6 times, they said they did something but whatever they did it never affected it.

Worst server provider I ever used and the server was pure vanilla.

Can I have any ticket #s about this issue? I don’t recall any boxes having packet loss problems. Was this recently?

Is Xenon good for shit alot the lines of PERP? I’m not gonna host PERP but I’m wondering how good it is.
Cause it’s like 300% cheaper then a dedicated box… .

I’ve run a large FTS gamemode on Xenon, with about 30 people in for beta testing, the server still held up great.

I can’t speak for PERP servers, but I do know that we have a few communities running large DarkRP servers.

FTP access?

Yes, they come with FTP access as well as a file manager in the control panel for if you want to quickly edit something.

I’ll probably go for that in a month or so.
What are the tech stats on the server?

Perhaps we should take this to a private conversation. The specs of our boxes are as follows:

[li]Dual Intel Xeon 5540 CPUs[/li][li]12 GB of ECC Registered DDR3 Memory[/li][li]Western Digital RE3 Enterprise Hard Drives[/li][li]1000 Mbps Network Uplinks[/li][li]Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit[/li][/ul]


RAID1 for GMOD boxes and RAID10 for some of our other boxes.

Ah, at least your using RAID. I have my doubts about UKGame…

You should probably switch to RAID10 for the gmod boxes though.

It was a good year and a half ago so I can’t remember.

Our provider had a couple long and intermittent DoS attacks back in 2008. We haven’t had any problems like that since as they have improved their network and mitigation capabilities.