Best site to make a GMOD forum

What would be the best site to create a gmod server forum?

your own site id assume. if youre talking about software, SMF is a pretty good (i think free?) forum program, and XenForo is pretty good if you want to shell out the money for it

There’s already a gmod forum here. Why not post it here?

If you have your own site, I suggest using one of the sites that Mike suggested, or phpBB or MyBB. If you don’t have a site/webhost, I would use enjin.

He’s talking about a community, not only about GMod.

obviously you will get tonnes of people on your forum if you use something obviously popular like createaforum

trust me :slight_smile:

Enjin is god awful.

Yes, because CreateaForum really spells professional.

You won’t really get anywhere with it unless you spend some money, don’t be cheap and use CreateForum, freeforum, or Enjin.

Only way to have a good forum is to get some web hosting and use some forum software such as phpbb, smf, etc.

Create a Forum

The best forum site ever!
(Other than PHPBB)

I think it’s down to personal preference really.

It isn’t that difficult to set up a forum so you could try a few different forum software and see what you fancy!

A few:
vBulletin (Costs $)

If you want to make a website for free and have forums on it you can use

Really easy to use and IIRC you traffic is ulimited

no, no, no

don’t use a create forum website, shell out that 20$ for the domain and then like 15$ for like 3 months of hosting

it’s a way better way to go and you can do anything you want and have your own domain rather than

My thoughts exactly. It’s worth the investment, and it’ll make it easier for your players to find and access the website.

Quite a bit of free software/sites come with advertisements too, which is always a bit tacky, as are most free domains.

Agreed. Much better to buy a domain+web host. It’s not even tha expensive and allows you to host a great free forum software like MyBB or SMF.

Hell its much better to buy a VPS
Host your gmod server(s), website(s) and forum(s) all in one place!


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