Best Solo House Strategies

I was curious if anyone has any best practices for how to go about setting up housing? It seems like there’s really two approaches.

  1. Build as big as you can with as many metal doors as you can. This makes it both intimidating and requires a lot of C4 to get in.

  2. Be as discreet as possible and throw up a shack amongst dozens of others to blend in as a “freshie”.

Thoughts? I was also wondering how effective people thought placing their housing right along the coast was? It seems like it’d really cut down on random chance encounters and it would be more difficult to see when you had a fire going at night.

I’ve always wanted to make a 1x2x1 for all of my stuff and then add onto it a bunch of prop floors/stories that make the house look like its been broken into.

Steal somebody else’s house.

I raid some freshies for the ores they collected, so this might not be the best idea.

My suggestion: Build a small house, but give it 2-3 layers of walls. Like this.

TBH my idea seems a bit insane.

Be aware though that the original owner of the house might have logged out in the house before you found it, so if you continue the construction of the house and the owner logs on well armed, you might get a big surprise.

Break the sleeping bag, and wait their arrival :wink:

Actually if you look at that picture it would take exactly 10 or 11 charges to blast into the loot room.

My logic is failing me. Explain so I can correct it.

2 walls, 1 metal door is the quickest way I see to your loot room.

I guess that’s around 16 C4 needed. I guess my design kinda sucks.

You would still have to know exactly which walls and doors to break through, though. Not a fool-proof design, but still a decent deterrent.

I still think its not a bad strategy, walking up to a random house like this from the outside looks somewhat normal. After you went through one or two doors you would probably give up. You wouldn’t really have the birds eye view to see the best way in.

And… you could always leave false entries to make them waste supplies to go nowhere.
A maze if you will…

Make a house out of steel doors

Found an even quicker way, go though the ceiling with C4, presuming there is no second story.

pretty sure you can’t blow ceilings with c4.

I thought you could blow up almost anything with C4 apart from pre-made buildings, the ground and trees?

Foundations, pillars, and ceilings can’t be blown up either as far as I’m aware.

Have you tested this, its not that I dont believe I’m just wondering how you know this. Couldnt find anything about it on the wiki.

ROFL…man those are some awesome ideas hahaha a maze :stuck_out_tongue: Sucks a house can be raided so easily…should make C4s harder to make and make it so people can more easily remove a wall they added wrongly.

Problem is, were you guys in RUST going find a place for planting that huge base? Normally when i put 3-4 foundations it doenst let me put the next. I never found a place with 5 foundations i could put in a line.