Best specs for heavy server

What specs are best for heavy gmod server?
Intel Core i7 3.9GHz 8MB cache (with HT), 16GB RAM, 2x2000 GB SATA, 100 mbps
Xeon E3-1230 3.6GHz 8MB cache (with HT), 8GB RAM, 2x1000 GB SATA, 100 mbps

i use a 1230 with HT disabled(SRCDS doesn’t support multiple cores) and it handles a incredibly unoptimized gamemode with 50~ players perfectly fine

What OS do you use?

Doesn’t matter. Windows and Linux will work fine for 50+ players. Pick the OS that you want to use :slight_smile:

Okay :slight_smile:

What do you think, which is better in this situation: Intel Core i7 or Xeon E3-1230?

windows server 2003, but like darksoul said it doesn’t matter. linux is probably the better choice but due to the past it’s had with GMod(though it’s been a while since there’s been any issues) I’ve never bothered

I’d go for Xeon E3-1230 But you should take 16Gb Ram to server. There are peoples that tryes to crash the server and they make the ram usage go nuts.

THe one with the intel CPU , with 16 GB of ram you have enough for 16-20 servers ! and your internetconnection is rather good ; DD

I’ve never seen srcds use much more than a gB of ram.

As far as the processor, I’d personally go with the e3 just for the reliability. However, if you are going to be running a server that needs a ridiculous amount of processing power then going with an overclocked i7 would be the better choice, although I’ve never actually seen anybody do that for anything except large Natural Selection 2 servers.

If the server is going to be physics heavy then I’d recommend windows over linux since vphysics seems to work slightly better on windows. For any other kind of server though, linux would probably run better and be cheaper.

I’ve seen SRCDS use up to 2GB in some cases.