Best SRCDS For PropKill Gamemode

Hi I’m looking to host a new gmod server, We had a problem with slotted servers the props going through the players and we found on another server running the same gamemode (Propkill by g-force) this doesn’t happen on another server running a vps and we asked someone about the issue and they said it was to do with slotted servers vs vps. so we are looking in the vps solutions

Which would be the most suitable for a 20 player server for srcds to handle?

I’m hosting a 26 slots (Of which two are hidden admins reserved slots) Prop Hunt server on OVH VPS-SSD 1 and we got no problems with that so far. The server somehow managed to get to 12 Props VS 12 Hunters and there was no noticeable lag. But I don’t know if Prop Hunt use more or less resources than your gamemode too. 10GB Of storage might be a bit small if you want to add many maps or custom models too.

Thanks for the reply, I will most likely use SSD 1 Then. Thanks for you input.

SSD =/= better physics performance. SSD’s help a small bit with file transfers.
Look into xeon servers.