Best Suggestion ever -> Make it work !!!!

Well, since the game was release i could play only one day to this game. The other days, all i have is ghost/desync issues or authentication failed issues.
For a paying game this is unacceptable. Facepunch should seriously consider repay all player who has the same problem. And according to this forum there is a lot of player having desync issues.

So facepunch, maybe 7 day is enough to correct those critical issues don’t you think ?

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You know the Definition of an ,Alpha, Version,right?
No one like issues,but in an Alpha Version you have to live with it

Did you, by chance, read the big blue banner that screamed alpha at your sorry ass before buying? That’s what i thought.

Seriously, what more does it take? Do they have to hire goons to beat you to a bloody pulp with a sign with “alpha” written on it before you buy?

Ah ah you make me laugh with your “hey it is an alpha, it is normal if you can’t play”. Come on guys a game you pay 20 dollars should at least works even if it is full of bugs. i can understand the lack of content or the issues but not working at all it’s not the same thing.
I am pretty sure that you can perfectly play this game so please think about people who waste 20 dollars in this game for nothing (for now i hope).
It seems that release your game in alpha mode is very fashion this day. I can now understand why.

No, alpha means you paid a price to be an alpha tester. Being an alpha tester involves testing not only all game mechanics (through playing) but also all game infrastructure surrounding it. They’re not focusing on your ability to play, they’re focusing on actually developing the game correctly.

i bought the game 3 days ago and have 19 hours played. Today is the first day having some issues. After using google i found the fastest reply of a dev ever … so i am really chilled. These problems can occure on a full retail version…

keep 2 things in mind: 1. its only a game 2. its only in alpha right now

if you cant handle these problems, dont buy early access games at all.

Maybe you have problems with reading.We never said that its an alpha,so its normal that you cant play,.
We only say,that in an Alpha Version are Bugs and issues.So if you DONT WANT THIS,you have to read and wait till the release.

I’m having the same issue but im really not that upset by it. Now if it doesn’t work when the game actually gets released ill be upset…

no yuo are a total idiot though

Actually you make my point :
“We never said that its an alpha,so its normal that you cant play” -> we are agreed it is not normal
“We only say,that in an Alpha Version are Bugs and issues” -> again we are agreed

So be it, 7 days to fix a critical issue which prevent player to play the game more than 15s. It seems like we get some good devs once again in this kind of pre early alpha survival game.

You are so fucking retarded.

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Jesus, stop talking you are rustling my jimmies

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Stupid thread needs to go.

That’s the silliest thing I’ve read all day. The game is in alpha, obviously not everything is going to be perfect. The game is fun, even now in its early stage.

Even if it has some problems I’m not going to regret buying it, that would be stupid. People buying this and then being disappointed should have learned what this game has to offer before spending any money on it.

No, you payed for the alpha of a game and expect it to “work” “even if its full of bugs” no… It’s common sense that games in alpha have game breaking bugs and problems, and sometimes they don’t even work at all. you payed to get into a closed alpha, your choice.