Best Tactical Advantage in a spacebuild space war(s)

Hi everybody this morning I woke up and I was like what would be the greatest advantage of players in a spacebuild space war. I pondered this question for a little while. a short while after it came to me…
“A Holographic map display”. the map would show players,props,the,world and ect cetra. Of course it had to be made of E2. so i then thought “I wonder if any other tactical advantages better and/or equal to this one”? So post your tactical advantages that u might think of or ones that might already exsist and post um here (i.e E2 codes along with brief desriptions).

Teleporting around constantly until people end up shooting themselves :buddy:

Get the cords to every planet, teleport to the best one

Yeah, I would go for my ship teleporting above selected planets. :slight_smile:

holo map + teleport,

Select your target, teleport, fire, teleport to the other side of him, fire, ect
once hes killed, teleport back to your base, refill your ship, and repeat :smiley:

Of course, it would be good if biological weapons were to be considered…imagine teleporting in, launching a warhead of blastfungus on the target planet, then disappearing as quickly as you came. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go for a multi-person crewed ship if you can find someone awesome enough to help you. Use prop-share if the server has it, add some controlled turrets to the ship and you pilot while he aims and shoots.

Not always the best tactic, but it’s fun as hell and makes selective shooting way easier.

Cloaking of a space station, ship that would affect it externally only, so only the crew could see inside.

A variety of different ships in a fleet, such as transports, fighters, escort craft, heavy-weapons craft (a frigate with MACs welded to it, to give an example), and the ability to bring it all together.

have 40+ player searching robots that shoot on sight, fly, search for users, have a nuke if it takes to long (if it does, they crash into the target), and having a huge factory, that takes up an enitre planet, that constantly makes them, with a special planet, lightyears away, where you live so they dont kill you, but you have a teleporter or stargate to port through each.

Edit: oh, and having multiple numpad controlled deadly lasers (with cameras) with multiple people around you controlling each one.

I think a combination of the holomap and teleporting. So you have the holomp of everything with a grid, you press use in one of the squares, it selects those coordinates and then you press a teleport button and you teleport there.

Why not script them to ignore you and your friends in the first place?

Preset coordinates are alright, but if you really want to be free, use a Wire Cam Controller:

@name Camera Drive Controller
@inputs W A S D Space Active Chair:entity
@outputs Pos:vector CameraDirection:vector

Scale = 25
    Pos += Scale * (Chair:driver():eye() * (W-S)) + Scale * (Chair:driver():eye():rotate(ang(0,90,0)) * (A-D))
    CameraDirection = Chair:driver():eye()
    if(Space){Pos = Chair:driver():pos()}

You need a chair, an Advanced Pod Controller, a Camera Controller, the expression2 chip, and a Hoverdrive. Wire all the e2 inputs to the Pod Controller. Wire the camera’s Activated input to the Pod Controller’s Active output. Wire Pos:vector and CamDirection:vector outputs to the Camera Controller. Wire Pos:vector as the target for the Hoverdrive. Wire SetJump/Jump to mouse1 and mouse2.

When you sit in the chair, it activates the remote camera. Press Space to reset the camera to the chair. WASD to fly the camera. Mouse1 to set target, mouse2 to jump.

Haven’t had any luck with this one yet. I have had some interesting results from stacked holos, but the default holoScale limit of 50 precludes this from being used on a large station.

Wire-controlled drone swarms.


Reminds me of ME2 Collectors :X

Maybe even the technology the Jericho missile uses?

Jericho missiles? To what are you reffering to?

I think best tactical advantage is on any server with ship cores us a wired turret with insane negative damage(need to set in console to get it high enough) and fire it at your ship. Best to have no knockback on it. Effectively invincible

Charge your enemy screaming while naked. This always works.

I have a fun tactic:
I fire my missle probe thing that attaches onto the first thing it collides with, usually if my aim is correct that would be the enemy ship.
Then I activate its attached hoverballs and bring the ship horribly off balance and or even tiping it over or spazzing it out.

Its a heck lot of fun and can also be achieved with some wire weights.


I mean imagine the panic and wtf moments the crew is sustaining when their giant spacestation starts to randomly capsize.

So I’m not the first to dream that up!? Darn… Do Grabbers even work on other people’s props?