Best tags to describe your servers?

Hey there,

We are building out our tagging system on and we’d like some input on some of the tags you think should absolutely be covered. Currently we allow any one to put in whatever they want to describe their server listing (but so far we’ve gotten “server”, “rust”, etc) which just seems too general and unnecessary.

I started with

  • pvp
  • pve
  • sleepers
  • nosleepers
  • oxide (mod)
  • rust++ (mod)
  • doorsharing
  • friendly

and so on… Any thing you would add to basic tags? Thanks

Right off the top of my head, you should add a few crafting tags…

  • 75% Crafting
  • 50% Crafting
  • 25% Crafting
  • Insta-crafting

I’d include weapon restrictions and to what degree. i.e. My server restricts crafting C4 so something like “restriction: C4 - loot only”.

Events, TS3 (or other), and website might be good. If you’re going to have “friendly” as a tag, you might as well put some sort of counterpart.

“Hardcore” “Noob” “Build”
“Custom Loot” “Starter Kit”

Thanks guys :slight_smile: These are great.

I might have suggestions after you can answer one question.

Is there way to filter servers by above described tags or purely just by searching them using the keywords?

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