Best Tickrate for Mid Tier boxes trying to push the limits?

Hey FP,
I’ve read around lately, and I’m trying to see the difference between lower ticks and higher ticks, with 1 FPS higher than the tickrate.
I’ve also heard that you can run 22 tick servers, which for me, works, but it doesn’t look absolutely stable.

At 66 Tick, my server runs with 1 player (me, lol) @ 10% - 15% CPU
At 33 Tick, my server runs with 1 player, @ 9%-12% CPU
and at 22 Tick, my server runs 1 player, @ 5%-10%

It seems optimal to go with the lowest tick, but is the jump from 33 to 22 really worth it?
My servers do have some shooting action.

Thaaankers :slight_smile:

P.S. - I have a VPS/VDS from NFOServers.
P.P.S. - Running a DarkRP Variant, base code is from DerrrRP, and I’m trying to run 30 players.