Best Tutorial Site For Hammer Editor

I have Valve Complete Pack and Garry’s Mod. I want to learn mapping in Hammer Editor but i cant find a good site for Hammer Editor Tutorials please help me any help to be appreciated.

Either or

thanks i wait other suggestions

The one stop shop for anything you will ever need information wise. Has basic to advanced tutorials and a complete documentation on every entity.

Yep, those three are what I use.

thanks for help still wait other suggestions if you have one

You really won’t get anything better than those sites. That’s everything you need to know. And problems that can’t be solved can just be directed at facepunch.

Depends also which country you’re from. I know sweden got its own mapping site and im kinda sure that german, france and spain got there own to.

Too many times I see people disregarding optimizing, they learn how to use some entities and make some nice map functions and they totally skip out on optimizing.

Not only do you need to know how to use hammer, you need to understand the BSP format’s PVS (Possible Visible Sectors) system. Learn everything about VIS and how it works. is what I use.

That guy is good.

Also, there’s a huge thread about various mapping resources right here in facepunch.
Thanks to Terrenteller

Half wit 2
Valve Wiki

All said in the first 3 posts.

Yeah, 3kliksphilip is my favorite video creator of Source SDK.

Too bad he teaches bad things sometimes.

Sometimes? Everything he does is very much wrong. He doesn’t know how to optimise anything at all and uses weird hacky methods to do things that could easily be done via entity work.