Best UK Server Host

Looking to buy a small server just a 12 slot and I would like to know what you guys think as to the best hosting company for me

Brohoster is out because of the expensive base rate :smiley:

Xenon Servers.

Brohoster do Germany, if you can handle like 22 ping then I’d go with Brohoster

Xenonservers has an even higher base rate and doesn’t host in Europe.
I believe they’re based in Britain, haven’t actually used them though.



xenon sucks the staff are total dicks to me.

What? >.>

Tyler from support is a dick. Your fine, but hardly answer and daxter is good.

What was the ticket number?



Do you blame them?

You’re not exactly the kindest of souls yourself.

I recently signed up with extreme game servers. Very freindly people, although thier servers are in the USA…not bad pings though

Thanks to everyone but I need UK/Europe hosting
bioservers look good but they are sold out and not replying to emails

Where does it say their out of stock?

I use UKgame, their servers are pretty good and have svn support.

Dont use UKGame. They promised us a free FastDownload, and they still havnt configured it after like 4 months.

Go with Xenon/Brohoster/ServerFFS

ServerFFS is the one i am currently using.