Best use of two Large Wooden Boxes imaginable - fat score

High tide line:

The large wooden boxes on the left side were used to navigate the deadly waters, out into the dangerous territory of the decayed “water-house.”

Two wooden storage boxes later, an empty inventory has turned into this:

Quite a worthwhile trade IMO (notice that I got my 2 Large Wooden Boxes back from the water-house crates)

Thanks for viewing!

tl;dr - I found someone’s crates and took their stuff

There is a house on my server that is about 5 stories high, but its literally in the water right now. I’m waiting for it to start to decay and i’m going to foundation out to it and perform some salvage operations.

You can see green grass at low tide, but the high tide is water, so i’m pretty sure i can foundation/build out to it.

You couldn’t be farther from the truth - and instead of asking if I had just stumbled upon someones stuff and took it, you insinuated that I had just jacked the dudes stuff - which I can’t blame you for, considering the very nature of the game we are all playing.

I know the owner, and earlier in the week, before the walls decayed, spent an hour trying to salvage the stuff with him. Even if I hadn’t had permission, its not morally objectionable to take stuff from a decayed house. While not in this case, houses usually decay for a reason: neglect.

Yesterday I hopped over a mud puddle so my feet wouldn’t get wet on my way out to my car.

Sorry…no screenshots.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

YouTube or the pics didn’t happen.

1000 witnesses or nothing happened ever.

I read it on the internet so it must be true.

I woukd have left that junk loot. Time spent better elsewhere