Best VDS/VPS Hoster (GameServers+WebHost)

Alright, I’ve had NFO for 2 months. I’ve been satisfied, but barely. I know there are better options especially for price. As of now we are running a 4 core VDS, 4000 GB Bandwidth, i think around 500GB Storage, 70 or so RAID, 3 GB RAM. I dont care if it is managed or not, I have run Dedi’s off of local. We want to have aprox. 4-5 servers, 3 being GMOD 1 or 2 being Minecraft or CS/OtherGames. I dont mind the price Increase, Just something more reliable and better bang for the buck. Just sick of clients being DDoS’d and it effecting me, and just have had other issues with setting up and them scamming me with webhosting (scamming meaning they told me false things that another support specialist proved wrong, dont take that as them stealing from me or anything).

Anyways, enough of my ranting and shit. I know there are a few other threads that float around here about serverhosting but most of the ones ive seen in the threads have been shitty server hosters from europe that have terrible specs. All Suggestions will be checked and are Very much appreciated.

Thanks Guys!!

Region and price range would help, because NFO offer hosting in multiple locations dont they?

US - Chicago or Central US would be preffered. Price range $50-$80 depending on specs.

We had Chicago hosting originally, but we got hacked and had to change our IP’s. In order to do so we changed VDS location to Denver.

Just get one of soyoustarts servers

OVH only has servers in canada and europe. he’s asking for servers from central US.

Though it’s not central, what about a VPS from Atlanta, GA? Look at They are highly recommended from a lot of people here on FP. You don’t get quite as much HDD space, but you might not need all the space. On the other hand, you could also look at renting Dedi(s) rather than getting VPS(s).

ASmallOrange has always been good to me. Also, if you’re more tech savvy, look into Linode.