Best way creating entity?


I want to create simple sent, but my question is can i use In-game ide to make it?
I hate using ftp, opening file, editing, uploading and then again the same.
So can i create entity, that i can modify in real time?

Create the entity on your gmod, test it in listen server and then when the entity it’s ready, upload it to your server

For that theres extra the dedicated server which you can download & run, so you dont need f2p, so you can edit the files locally of the server, and ingame ide is always bad for such, since it needs a full restart to load new files etc etc.

The nice thing about Garry’s Mod is how it auto-refreshes without needing to restart. Just launch a listen server in your client with your entity file installed, tab out to edit the code, save it, tab back in to test. Only upload when you’re done :slight_smile:

I mean the restart is needed for >NEW< files. Plus coding generally in singleplayer(Including selfmade listened server) is bad, since it may give you error whilst coding since “you” are the server, not the client, thats why you should download the dedicated server.

No, just don’t start it in single player. The game behaves differently in single player. Make it more players and set it to local. Works for me and always has.

it still made me the server, therefore I use an dedicated server now.