Best way to add maps from workshop?

So in order for me to add maps to my server from workshop, to where they only download once the server is on that map, is:

Subscribe to the map myself
Extract the gma file
add the bsp to my server maps folder
copy that bsp
put that copy in my webhost maps server
bzip the bsp inside the webhost maps server

It doesn’t seem that long of a process, but it’s pretty annoying to do that to only like 5 maps. Is there an easier way to do this?

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Isn’t exactly easier, but it is the proper way to do it.

The way I do my maps is I add the map to my Gmod
then I extract using GMad extractor
Then I upload the map to the server
then I setup fast DL via work shop
here’s a tutorial on how to do it

I already knew how to do that. If you do that, they load the maps even if it’s not the map, which takes some people a while.

Not if you set it up correctly. You only put resource.AddWorkshop for current map, not for everything in collection.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. But I wish workshop maps would only download when needed (or when the server is on that map).

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But if I’m correct, wont it say ‘missing map’ to people if I switch the map? Because I thought the resource.AddWorkshop was telling the server what things it has to download from the collection?

It wont, again, if you have it set up correctly. There’s a script around these forums that will add only current map to workshop downloads.