Best way to curve an arch?

I have an arch going down a hallway, but I want it to curve 90 degrees to the left and at the other end, the right. I’ve tried using the vertex manipulator, and that just isn’t working.

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do, can you post a picture?

Uhh yea, hang on lemme draw one

He has an arch (probably at the ceiling) and wants it to take a curve. I think there’s no easy way to do that in Hammer (unless you mean a corner, not a curve). If you’re familiar with 3ds max or SketchUp, there are plugins which help a lot when it comes to complex geometry.

No way, I have little experience with either of those programs, (a little in 3ds but never made anything) and I’m not in a position to learn a new program right now, im sure there’s a way, probably with displacements I’m thinking

Uploaded with

here btw

I wouldn’t use a displacement on an arch if I were you. I would try making two archs and joining them together. Either way you should use propper for this. You can also make multiple blocks, and use the vertex tool to do that instead of using an arch

Well do you want the corners to be curved, or just like right angles? 'Cause you could just clip the arches diagionally at 45 degrees at the point where they join. I’m probably not explaining it very well.

God ill make a video when i get home, this is impossible to explain

haha, no worries, I can wait

i think i know what you mean…

make the blocks like this[/t]

Then Clip them


Select the two blocks you dont want and delete them


now you have a sweet ass arch corner thing


Thank you latteh

I suppose I could do that, but I have a more complex arch than just two an inclined planes

each side of the arch has six sides I believe
So I suppose if I absolutely cannot make my arch work I can just use that and delete the first one

also this is the map and the arches shown are similar but less detailed

You will just have to make it manually

Alright, using the same technique as above right… haven’t used the clip tool much, time to learn a new tool :smiley:

You could hollow a sphere :v:

hahahahaha no thanks, and latteh’s idea worked, really well actually considering I could never figure this out for ages

It doesn’t matter how complex the arch is, if you’re clipping it from the top it’ll line up fine.

Clipping is my favorite tool, I would rather clip then make multiple blocks to fit something

So…um…why arn’t you using a torus?

Torus tend to not compile properly, with misaligned brushes.