Best way to develop or tweak game mode without creating/updating addon and restarting game?

Is there a better way to develop or tweak a game mode without creating/updating an addon and uploading it to the workshop every try time? I feel like there has to be better way.

You can simply leave the original add-on folder or gamemode folder in garrysmod/addons or garrysmod/gamemodes

For the most part, changes to files in those folders apply ingame immediately after saving, at most requiring a map reload.

Other than that I’m not sure what you’re asking.

This was true at some point, but recently I was getting an error the ph_prop entity did not exists, this only stopped happening once it was turned into a gma file. This unfortunately makes testing tweaks to prop hunt difficult.

gamemode/<name>/entities do not currently work from addons, that will be fixed in the next update. ( Or right now in Dev branch )

Ok good to know I might do this in the dev branch for now then thanks.