Best way to drop bombs?

I need a good way to drop entity-bombs from airplanes, so if you know some way, post it.

WWII Bomb hatch or laser guilded missle thing

if the bomb is a single prop, then use a wire weld latch or a grabber, though I tend to find weld latches more sturdy.

there is an incredibly useful thing i found. on there is a wire ent spawner.

actually, there is also a contraption spawner somewhere around here that works like the prop spawner, except it spawns entire contraptions. would be useful for this sort of thing.

EDIT: thar we go:

ya i have that to but it still cant to ents

Link for the ent spawner?
That sounds really usefull.

I’d use grabbers. Seems most realistic as it only carries what you put into it.


Gcombat, it has bomb racks

Acf, It’s got better bomb racks.

Weld latches or grabbers. ACF is nice if you’re willing to make weight and thrust changes to the contraption you’re attaching the bomb to. The ACF racks are super heavy and won’t work if the weight is changed.

ive seen ACF mentioned. I heard it was only on someones private server : /


can you download it? or is it completely private?

Look here:

awesomesauce! thanks! :smiley:


np :sax:

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