Best way to get face poser animations working in a scene

Haven’t been here in a while, or forever. (Do they still have that grammar grader?)

So if you have a ragdoll, (not npc), and you want to make custom animations for them in face poser, and then put them inside a map, and then make a custom camera, what’s the best way to get going about that?

I get how you can make the animation in face poser, and put the animation in hammer, but what about the camera?
Also, if none of the default presets work on your model, because all the bones and such are different, do you have to animate them in like 3dsmax/blender, or is face poser capable of creating new animations rather than mashing existing ones?

Oh and before I forget, how robust is the face poser in garrysmod? Can you set keyframes and make it look very fluid? Last gmod I have used really is 9.x release.

You can really only do it with an npc using a scripted scene. Faceposer in gmod is about the same as 9.

Just a few more things, I just want to get everything setup right.

This is the model I am using. I imported him in face poser. None of the default animations work with him, which makes sense, or the voices which is kind of lame. He has his own flex sliders though for his face, which do work, so that’s good.

I decompiled the model with model decompiler, and loaded him up in blender. Now, his bone mesh is independent of him //edit, wait this is lies, I just have to go into pose mode in blender. I am not sure how to animate him, so that when I finish an animation in blender, I can load it up in face poser, and then eventually into hammer.

Is it possible to pose him in face poser or do I have to use something like blender? By that I am asking if face poser supports making new custom animations(since the defaults don’t work, as in the default animations for barnie do nothing to Klonoa, except his eyes do track) .

It would also be really nice if someone with lots of experience could take 5 minutes of their time and try opening the model up for yourself and giving me some feedback.

Also before someone asks, yes I could use garrysmod, but then it would have a cheap end result, I’m trying to make it nicer, and well learning something new is good rather than just painstaking trying to get the posing right in gmod… or the exact opposite and doing everything in blender would simply take way too long making the scene and everything and geting the lighting right, way easier with just like hammer.

You would probably have better luck asking the modeling section something about this. I don’t know that much about animations.