Best way to learn lua

I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I want to get referred to a nice place where I can learn lua.
I noticed that the Valve dev community doesn’t actually teach you Lua, and I don’t have any money ATM so whatever you post below would have to be free.

Studying existing scripts, the wiki ( ), and posting on the forums, I guess.

Lua tutorial series
Lua 5.1 reference manual
Programming in Lua may be a bit tricky.

Well, I found this:

But for me to learn I need something a bit more visual then this:

Extreme right brainer here.

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I found the best way to learn Lua is to actually make stuff… Figure out something you want to do and do it.

Just simple things, anything really… You want player names to hover over their head? Try to get it to work.

It is easy to write and it will teach you how to interact with the player object, and use functions on it. It will teach you to find all the players and so on.

Once you get that working, try adding onto it… Maybe you want to display other information. Maybe you want to make it when they die their name changes colors… Maybe now that you have the names over their head you get an idea that you can give players a way to interact with each other…

Just keep looking at it and thinking of little tiny things to do and then you will learn how to do all this stuff and then when you want to do something serious you can think back to what you have already made and just incorporate similar ideas.

The GMOD Lua wiki section is very good with looking stuff up.

The most valuable tool I can suggest is to learn how to browse that wiki for information. If you want to do something specific with a player look up everything you can do with a player through the list of functions and hooks until you find something that will do that.

You will also run into a bunch of other things that you will find interesting and will want to use them later which will also cause you to grow and learn more.

tl;dr version of this…

Learn to browse the wiki for stuff you can do…
Start doing simple silly stuff before any serious projects or do stuff in free time.
Just keep at it.