Best way to make a clean rounded edge??

I’m trying to make a rounded corner…here:

I want it to be clean but if I make a cylinder with more than 8 sides and drag the vertices over, the block gets these grey textures and won’t compile in hammer. I’ve tried everything but nothing is seeming to work.

Hey, I would suggest just cutting the prop. It’s kinda tricky if you want it extremely round, but maybe you can give it a try. Hope it helps!

Use a 90 degree arch.

And a protip: don’t map on a 1-unit grid. Try to only use it for delicate brushwork.

too late bruh

Use clipping tool and clip your edges each time you get one.
That’s what I do.

It’s extremely bad practice and makes brushes unclean and annoying to work with. Also makes leaks much more likely to happen.

For that curve I’d use a cylinder. Make sure to make it twice the size of the hole you want to fill.

I agree it’s bad practice, it just happened though so it’s too late bruh. And yep thanks.