Best way to pass large data table to php script

So. I have a server where we collect nearly ALL activities in log (Chat say, ulx commands, kills, dmgs, purchases, resurrection, etc…) 40 players, TTT Gamemode, and we need to send table with this data each round to php script for parse it on Web Server.

I need to parse all data that would save it in some another MySQL tables (logs, notifications(e.g. U was banned at server: NAME SERVER <-- user will see it at Web Site), stats, skills, etc. )

What about:

  • http.Post/Get?
  • Saving dat table like JSON in txt (“data” folder) then send simple request to server, that he would read the file and then delete it?
  • Parse all of this data on Gmod Server then and save in MySQL results (I don’t want do like this, cuz it’s may be expensive for Gmod Server, or no?)
  • Use sv.db from php? I using Yii framework, that allow to put .db file path for working with it, but idk how it will works.

P.S. Web and Gmod servers on same host.

P.P.S. Sorry for my English.

Any ideas?

POST request to the http script with JSON encoded data.

Gmod have no limit size to send through http.Post? Will not it make server lags?

Not sure what you mean by parse data on server, but using tmysql the sql queries aren’t expensive, as the query is executed by a thread pool.

tmysql? Is It better than mysqloo?


It’s up to you.

Mmm… I think having a simple module like mysqloo on gmod server to send SQL requests is less expensive than have a HTTP server running for ONLY relaying data to MySQL.

It’s up to you.

The better for you is to parse all data on the gmod server with mysqloo. It’s easier,faster and less expensive than: connecting to HTTP server > PHP generation > Request to DB